Senin, 03 Oktober 2016

Story Cake Of My Graduation

Few weeks ago I walked around the town. I had leisure time at that time, so I walked few bit far away from my house. I went to my campus. Evidently, there was graduation ceremony. It was so crowded. I stopped. This situation remembered me to my graduation some years ago.
That was my special day, my graduation. I waited that moment for long time. It was special moment for every university students, including me. But I did not want to celebrate it excessively. For me, graduated from my bachelor was not the end. After this, I had to prepare for my professional class. So it was not over yet.
I had done something simple. I did not wear kebaya. I wore casual outfit. I thought it was simpler coz nobody knew what I wore. My clothes were covered by Toga, the uniform of graduation. I also did not buy Toga. I rent it. I did not go to saloon. I had to make up by my self. Although I did something simple, it did not mean I was not happy. I just thought that graduation was not the end of everything. I had to continue for professional class. So, for me, preparing for new class was more important.

I could not sleep at that time. I slept only 1 hour. I woke up so early in morning then prepared my self for my graduation. I went to graduation ceremony with my parents by taxi coz we did not have a car. We arrived 1 hour before the ceremony began. We did rehearsal and made sure that everything was complete.
When the graduation ceremony began, suddenly, I got mix feeling. I was not only happy, but also nervous. It was not easy for me to get my bachelor. From the 1st time I studied in university, I had target for my study. My close friends and I made a promise that we would finish our study only for 3,5 years. I studied hard and did my task well. I got good score for my study so I could take my senior class. I did my graduating paper when I was in 5th semester. I took my lecture’s project. I thought it would help me to achieve my target. Unfortunately, my experiment was failed. I had to repeat it. It made me desperate.

I was so sad. I saw my best friends got their presentation of final paper. I cried on the bus on the way home. My heart broke. I saw not only my friends but also my nephew graduated from university. I was so sad. I did not come to their graduation. I just sent congratulation by short message.
For somedays, I did not go to campus. I just stayed at home, thought, and cried. My parents knew about that. My dad told me that it was okay if I wanted to cry and felt sad, but I had to wake up immediately. My failure was not the end of everything. What my Dad said made me aware that I had to move on, repeate my experiment. My sadness would not fix anything.
I just need to do it diligently and pray that I would not fail again. I had new target. I would finish my project less than 6 months. It meant I had to fight and focus only in my experiment. I did not take any subject.

Thanks God, everything ran well. Although I had to sacrifice my leisure and me time with my friends, but I was so happy coz I finished my experiment. I got my final paper and my presentation well. I graduated even though I finished my study for 4 years. But I felt sincere. Everybody had their own life story. Maybe this was mine.

- Hana Aina -

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  1. Congratulation..!! Welcome to the next level of live.. ^_^

  2. Alhamdulillah, selamat yaa, sudah melewati masa sulit jadi mahasiswa.

  3. Congratulation :)
    Hope always succes, sist :)

  4. So trueeee... sadness cant change anything..

  5. Happy graduation. Gua juga sedih banget kemaren waktu lulus S2 dan menyadari bahwa kehidupan gua sebagai seorang mahasiswa berakhir. Oh well, sekarang saatnya memulai kehidupan yg sebenarnya di masyarakat...

  6. Preparing everything after graduation exactly is importand than be lavish at graduation day ehehe
    Congrats mmbak :)


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