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Knowing Study Style

Studying is one of student’s duty. They study everyday. Usually it starts in the morning to the afternoon at school, then they will continue in the evening at home. The students study every lesson taught by their teachers. It doesn't include daily test, homework and task that they have to do and submit to their teachers to get score. So, you can imagine how much time they spend for study everyday.

Every student has their own style of study. Some students can study casualy, quietly, and easily. They can study everywhere and everytime. They can focus easily without sense of distraction. They don’t care to what happens around them. Although the environment around them is crowded, they still can study. They study while listen to the music or watch to the television.
In other side, there are students who need more concentration for studying. They can study only if the environment is quite. No sound, no movement. They are distracted easily. So that, they like studying alone rather than together. We can find them studying on a private room or in the corner of the library.

Based on the book Quantum Learning that is written by Bobbi De Porter and Mike Hernacki, there are 3 kinds of popular studying style : Visual, Auditorial, and Kinesthetic.
Visual students learn by watching. The students have to see expression and action of the teacher. They like reading and learning by modelling than explaning. They need a proof for understanding the lesson. This kind of students can learn in any situation. They will not be influenced by surrounding.
Auditorial students learn by listening. They are good listener and like discussing. They can understand and remember the lesson although they don’t see the teacher. Because they depend on audio, this kind of students should study in a quite situation. They can’t study in crowded area.
Kinesthetic students learn by moving and touching. They use real object as learning medium. This kind of students can’t be calm because they like physical activities. They have to practice to remember the lesson.

Every studying style has their own way of understanding lesson. By knowing the studying style, it will help the students study easily according to their own style. 

- Hana Aina -

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  1. Great Mba hana.
    By knowing the studying style as mother must be understand it well

  2. wow, nice post. so i am typical Auditorial students. Serriously, i really can't study on crowded area. Thanks for share ^-^

  3. I think i am visual learner.. it is looked from my glasses. :D

  4. Aku lb ke visual dan paling gak bisa belajar sambil mendengarkan musik :))

    1. Wah, berarti harus dalam keadaan tenang, ya ^^

  5. Im such a type who MUST learn in a quite environment. I can't focus if there's many sound around me. So, I'd like learn after midnight or early morning :D hehehe
    So, based on it, im an auditorial student. ;)

    Nice sharing, mbak. Waiting for another post ^.^

    1. Wah, you must study in the night or maybe early morning ^^

  6. i believe that i'm a visual learner..things much easier to digest when it turn in to pictures or video.


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