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5 Simple Steps Teaching Your Kids About Time Management

Kids love playing. They spend hours to do something that they love. For the result, they forget to do other activities such as doing home work, taking a bath, learning lessons, etc. When you ask them to do something, maybe they will answer, "okay, Mom." But, after you check it an hour later, nothing happen. They don't do anything. They still busy with their game, toys, or comic. Have you ever had this situation? 

Time management is important. It help us to manage our daily activities and make it more optimal. It’s not only for adult, but also for kids. Time management will help kids to appreciate time. When time passed by, it will never back. So that, kids should be able to manage their time well. They have to realize that time is important.

The keys of time management are good management and diciplin. You just need to make list of your daily activities complete with duration that you need to finish it, then obey it. It should be easy for you. But for your kids, it’s something new for them. You have to introduce it slowly but sure.  

It will need more not only effort, but also patience to do that. So, you have to believe that you can do. Here are 5 simple steps teaching your kids about time management.

Making daily activitie list. For beginning, you have to give example how to make daily activities list. It must be complete from wake up in the morning until the end of the day. You can ask them what they will do all day long. Then write it one by one.

You can give them cute block note with their favorit pic. It can make them more anthusiast to write their activity. It’s more easy to do something if they do it in a happy.

Ask them to check their list regularly and evaluate it before going to bed. If they understand it, let them make their own list. You just need to accompany them. There will be a time when you have to let them do it by theirself.

Discusing the duration for every activities. Making time management it’s not only make a list, but also decide the duration. You can discuse to the kids how long they need to finish for every activities. Don’t make it too long or too short term. You have to remind them if they too enjoy in one activities, and forget to continue another. So, you have to give term.

Introducing them to priority scale. If there are two activities in the same time, ask the kids to make priority which more important. You can guide them by giving considerations about the conce if they prefer one from another. This way will give the kids lesson not only how to make priority scale, but also decide which more important.

Diciplin. It’s important for your kids to do the daily activities list well. They can't postpone their activities without clear reason. The activities will be accumulated. It will make the situation more messy.

Giving reward and punishment. Make it fun. You can give reward if the kids can do their daily activities well, and punishment if they miss it. It will make them more pay attention to their list.

So, Mom. Trying this simple step. You can teach time management to your kids since they are childhood. If this to be habit, they will have good time management in their life.

~ Hana Aina ~

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